TALLINN-medieval Europe

Arrival in Tallinn and transfer to the *** hotel conveniently close to both the Old Medieval Town and the modern City.
Afternoon walking tour of Old Tallinn.Since 1997, the Old Town of Tallinn has been on UNESCO`s World Heritage list.Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval European towns, with its web of winding cobblestone streets and stone buildings from the 11th to 15th centuries. Visit to the Town Hall Square and the only intact Gothic town hall in Nothern Europe.Tallinn`s Town Hall celebrated its 600th anniversary in 2004.
We also see the Medieval Churches:St.Olav`s Church ( gothic style-was first mentioned in 1267 ), St.Nicholas Church ( 13th century-was built by theGerman merchants from the island of Gotland ), the Church of the Holy Ghost (is the only sacred building from the 14th century- the interior is richly decorated with good examples of wooden sculpture from the Gothic era).We are walking through the Latin Quarter and St. Catherine`s Passage, which is a landmark combining master craftsmen`s workshops with a medieval atmosphere.
In medieval times,guildes were organisati ons uniting the city`s merchants or craftsmen and intended for protecting its members` common interests. We can admire the Great Guild Hall, the House of Blackheads Guild, the Kanuti Guild Building etc.
It was the programm in the Lower Town. After that we will be walking to the Upper Town – Toompea Hill. There are accessible viewing platforms on Toomkooli St. And Kohtu St. with views onto the sea and harbour.
The medieval Order Castle is one of the Estonia`s oldest and grandest architectural groupings.The castle is situated on the steep limestone coast, 50 m above sea level.Today, the Estonian Parliament is housed here.We see the coats of arms of Estonian noble families and many gravestones of well-known figures
in the Dome Church ( was built in 1219 ).
Old legends tell us the Danes received their national flag in Tallinn.
Evening at leisure.

This morning join your guide for a sightseeing tour to Kadriorg and Pirita areas.
Kadriorg is one of the more loved residential regions of Tallinn. The Estonian President`s residence and many foreign embassies are located here. Kadriorg is famed mostly for its baroque palace and park ensemble. Russian Tsar Peter I began building the palace in 1718. The architect was the Italian Niccolo Michetti, who was later involved with the famous Peterhof Palace.Visit to the Palace,which houses the foreign art collection of the Estonian Art Museum.
The Song Festival Grounds will be also visited during the tour.
The Convent of St. Bridget`s was the largest convent in Old Livonia and was established by Tallinn`s merchants in 1407. The church was destroyed in the second half of the 16th century. We visit the Ruins of the Convent. We have a look to the TV tower and Olympic Yachting Centre.
After lunch we continue our tour and visit Estonian Open Air Museum, which is situated on 79-hectare expanse of seaside land.Farm buildings, windmills and watermills from various periods and regions have been brought together here.
Not far from the museum there are the Tallinn Zoo, which has one of the most exciting collections in Scandinavia. Established in 1939, the Zoo home to over 5,400 animals,representing nearly 350 species.
Afternoon at leisure.

Morning at leisure for shopping.
Transfer to the Airport of Tallinn.

.... or programm continues with half-day tour around the beautiful Northern coast of Estonia and Lahemaa National Park,which was created in 1971.
Lahemaa`s landscape varies from limestone Glint cliffs to dry pine and broad leaf primeval forests, stone fields with erratic boulders, small coastal lakes and boggy areas, all interspersed with a traditional cultural landscapes of small fishermen villages and small farms as well as old German manor estates with their abundant parks.
Starting from Tallinn we drive for 15 km to Jöelähtme village to the parish church from the 14th century. We also have look at tombs from pre-Christian times and 8 m high waterwall. The tour takes us to picturesque fishermen village
Käsmu known by its Marine School. More than 100 captains have graduated the school from. Seaside resort Vösu offers possibilities to swim or enjoy a cup of coffee. From Vösu we move towards known all over Estonia as the best restored baroque manor house Palmse ( was built in the 18th century and was owned by the Barons von Pahlens.). From Palmse we sart for the near manor Sagadi – one of the few mansions to be decorated in the Rococo-style.
( You can taste the Estonian national food in Altja taverna).
A number of nature study paths have been designed in Lahemaa to acquaint the general public with the beautiful landscapes of area.
Afternoon return to Tallinn.

Morning at leisure for shopping.
Transfer to the Airport of Tallinn.